Gender Equality Matters

Join us for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence. We are featuring 16 community leaders who ‘tell their story’ sharing What Gender Equality means to them.

One new story will be shared during 16 Days of Activism (25 November, International day for the Elimination of violence against women to 10 December, Human Rights Day).

Use them as inspiration and conversation starters.  Let’s work together to eliminate gender inequality and contribute to the change needed to prevent violence against women.

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Gippsland Advocate stories:

Day 1  Daph
'Violence isn't part of our culture' Daph

Read Daph’s story

Day 3  Yumna'We need equity to achieve equality' Yumna

Read Yumna’s story

Day 5  Michelle'Diverse voices are heard' Michelle

Read Michelle’s story

Day 7  Mitch'It's ok to be bi, trans or anything else' Mitch

Read Mitch’s story

Day 9  Tracey'Growing strong resilient women' Tracey

Read Tracey’s story

Day 11  Eamon 'Our daughters deserve more' Eamon

Read Eamon’s story

Day 13  Kristen 'We're all in this together' Kristen

Read Kristen’s story

Day 15  Liam'Fight systemic and institutional oppression' Liam

Read Liam’s story


Day 2  Elizabeth
'It's who we are, not what we should be' Elizabeth

Read Elizabeth’s story

Day 4  Robin
'Placed on merit, not gender' Robin

Read Robin’s story

Day 6  Leanne'Equity equals team strength' Leanne

Read Leanne’s story

Day 8  Jude'Survivor validation' Jude

Read Jude’s story

Day 10  Ivy'Safe women, safe children' Ivy

Read Ivy’s story

Day 12  Chelsea'Refuse to accept barriers' Chelsea

Read Chelsea’s story

Day 14  Emily'We should feel safe to be ourselves' Emily

Read Emily’s story

Day 16  Nicola 'Language matters' Nicola

Read Nicola’s story



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