Language matters

'Language matters' Nicola

Gender equality isn’t about ticking the box for statistics.  Cultural change is needed.  We need a unified voice demanding our community be respectful of one another.  A unified voice stating violence is unacceptable in any family, at school, at work – anywhere.  A unified voice stating that violence against women will no longer be kept secret or covered up.

I personally am committed to gender equality because quite simply it is a basic human right.  People make strong communities, men and women together.  Men’s violence toward women splinters the strength of communities and gender inequality supports this violence.  Violence is pervasive and not always obvious.  It might be applied through physical violence, emotional abuse, degrading language, sexist jokes, or financial blackmail. These are all ways women experience violence and all are unacceptable.

At Lardner Park we are on a membership drive to engage women onto the Committee. Not to tick a gender balance box, but to ensure our voice represents the whole community. A voice made up from diversity in our rural and regional community.  Lardner Park connects its communities through agribusiness, tourism, entertainment and general events. We will bring about change to drive gender equality as one of the natural outcomes of a progressive organisation.

We must ALL be responsible for growing a community that speaks out, is balanced and strong, and protective of one another against violence.  Be prepared to step up and help those trying to find strength in making the change.  Commit to being a voice for gender equality.  Be a proactive and passionate ambassador to stop all violence against women.  I will.  Will you?



If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, family or domestic violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit In an emergency, call 000.

Thank you to our guest bloggers and community advocates for taking part in our Gender Equality Matters 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign.

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