Fight systemic and institutional oppression

  There are many wonderful things about growing up in the bush. The smell of eucalyptus, winding rivers and white, sandy beaches to name a few. Despite its beauty though, it can be particularly isolating for those who do not conform to the patriarchal idyll.  Growing up, male football stars were always lauded, while the… Read More

We should feel safe to be ourselves

  Everyone has the right to be who they want to be. A lot of people don’t respect each other just because they’re different. I’m really passionate equality and I try to help others through a program I help run a program called Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships (SL&RR) for women and men. This program… Read More

We’re all in this together

From a personal perspective I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to amazing role models who taught me that gender was not a barrier and encouraged me to achieve my dreams. Both my mother and grandmother were strong independent women who were passionate in instilling in me the belief that I could achieve… Read More

Refuse to accept barriers

I have chosen to build my career in an industry that has historically been shaped by gender stereotypes. When advised there were no females in a regional football development role at the time of my job vacancy my only response was, ‘why not?’  I applied anyway and the rest is history. I see now that sport… Read More

Our daughters deserve more

Having been an operational member of Victoria Police for the last 18 years, I am well aware of what the ‘pointy end’ of family violence and violence perpetrated against women looks like and the prevalence of it.   Family violence is complex and is not something that we can police our way out of. Like many… Read More

Safe women, safe children

Family violence does not discriminate. It affects all cultures, families, communities and societies.  It is around power, control and a sense of privilege by the perpetrator. It causes family breakdown, loss of relationships, heart ache and pain by those who are victims or witness to it. We need individuals and communities to stand up against… Read More