Orange Round Ambassador: Jaclyn Quinn

Jaclyn Quinn Traralgon Football Netball Club Strength and Conditioning Coach I’ve always had a passion for sport, in particular the human body and what it can achieve! Growing up around netball/football clubs, I naturally become interested in football. Especially what made one team more successful than others and what aspects could be manipulated to improve… Read More

Orange Round Ambassador: Pip Timms

Pip Timms Former President and current Vice-President Bairnsdale Football Netball Club I have always been of the opinion that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, local community groups always need willing volunteers to drive success. Holding my current position as Vice President of the Bairnsdale Football Netball Club after having been the President, I… Read More

Orange Round Ambassador: Jess Mills

Jess Mills First female football Field Umpire in the TRFM Gippsland League When I first decided to take up football umpiring at just 15, I didn’t quite realise how underrepresented women were in sport, and in particular in traditional roles, and how big of a deal it was to sign up as a female umpire.… Read More

Orange Round Ambassador: Peter Moody

Peter Moody Moe Football Netball Club A Grade Netball Coach My wife and two daughters have always been heavily involved in sports. Prior to having children, I had always been involved in ‘traditional’ male dominated sports such as football and cricket and grew up with 3 brothers. As such I sometimes failed to see the… Read More

Orange Round Ambassador: Cayte Hoppner

Cayte Hoppner AFL Gippsland Region Commissioner I grew up in a football family. My Dad played football and our Saturdays were spent at the footy and netball club. The club was a huge part of my life as a young child and a teenager. I would say that our family was pretty football obsessed and… Read More

You can challenge the foundations of violence against women

New video out:   Highlights the everyday attitudes and behaviours which support men’s violence against women and the importance of challenging these foundations, based on our Pyramid Poster. Please share with your networks and friends. Order our Pyramid image and other resources here.