We all have a role in preventing men’s violence against women. We can all be advocates and leaders, working towards gender equality and preventing men’s violence against women.  Notice inequality break the silence and speak out about men’s violence, violence supportive attitudes and behaviours.

You can create change

We can all challenge the foundations that support violence against women, watch our new video:

View our original video and see why it’s important to Make the Link.

Be an active bystander

Be someone who speaks up about or questions inappropriate behaviour.  Learn more

Educate yourself

Understanding the impact of men’s violence against women and why it is a men’s issue.  Learn more

Need help now?

If you are in a violent situation, know someone who is experiencing violence, please refer to the specialist support organisations.


Make the Link between gender inequality and gender based violence or men’s violence against women.

'Violence against women is only the tip of the iceberg, underneath that exists discrimination of all kinds' K Roy MASVAW member

Our posters aim to help understand the drivers of men’s violence against women. Order here

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