Now that you have made the link, there is so much you can do everyday to help break the cycle of discrimination and men’s violence against women. Speaking up against violence supportive behaviors can be tricky and varies on the situation, but the power of the active bystander CAN create the culture change we desperately need.

Think through some options so you are prepared for the next time you can step in and make a difference.
Don’t endanger yourself, call 000 in an emergency.

Everyday scenarios to give you inspiration and ideas on how to respond:

Hear an inappropriate, sexist or degrading joke about women?

Sexist jokes and Language suport men's violence agaisnt womenOption 1:   “Hey mate, that’s sexist and I don’t think it’s funny”

Option 2: “You know what, I used to find jokes like that funny, but not anymore”

Don’t laugh. Laughing gives approval of the joke and this behaviour, and does not break the cycle.


Hear a friend speak distastefully/sexually to or about a woman walking by?

This is called ‘Catcalling’ or ‘Street Harassment

I call out my friends when they catcall women

Option 1:   “Hey what if that was your sister/daughter/mother?”

Option 2:  “I hope no one ever talks about you like that”

Option 3:  “That’s not cool , that’s not respectful”

Option 4: “Does anyone else feel uncomfortable too?”

Option 4:
 “What are you doing/saying?”

Option 5:  “Hey mate you’re better than that!” 

Question the action, make them think about the impact of the ‘joke/action’.
Give a clear message that it is not OK.


You know your friend is getting a girl drunk to have sex with her

Only option:  “Hey mate, that is NOT OK, sex without consent is RAPE!”


Adapted from White Ribbon Australia

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