Everyone can be  Active Bystanders.

Educate yourself

Do you know the root causes of violence against women and their children? Do you understand the role of power and control in abusive relationships? Are you able to explain how sexist jokes or comments contribute to violence against women?

These issues are complicated and can be confronting. It can take time and commitment to feel confident trying to be an active bystander, and learning more about prevention strategies can help. Read more about making the link between gender equality and violence against women or check out what other online campaigns are saying about violence prevention.  Continue reading

Understand the importance of challenging the foundations of men’s violence against women, watch our short animation and make the link today:


Equip yourself

It’s important to be able to recognise opportunities to step in and say something to prevent violence. The easiest place to do this is when you see sexist attitudes or behaviour at play. There are a range of strategies bystanders can use to interrupt situations and provide opportunities to avoid violence. Gippsland Women’s Health can assist you to run sessions on active bystander strategies, helping build skills in effectively intervening. Contact our team to discuss your organisation or community groups needs.

Empower others

Preventing men’s violence against women requires leadership and action from everyone. You can take the first step by sharing this information with family and friends, or discussing strategies with your friends that you can use collectively next time you see a situation you’re uncomfortable with.  By taking a stand against violence supportive attitudes you are leading the way for others to step up to the cause as well.


Together we can create a critical mass of prevention that can eliminate men’s violence against women. It’s up to you to take the first step.

Find a list of specialist support services here

Be inspired by what others are doing. Read our Gender Equality matters Gippsland advocates stories standing up for gender equality and working to help prevent violence against women. Be inspired and be an advocate for change!