Make the link logoMake the Link is a social marketing campaign which encourages people to understand the foundations of men’s violence against women and to specifically highlight the importance of addressing gender inequality to end men’s violence against women.

By highlighting how everyday behaviours, attitudes and practices contribute to and allow men’s violence against women to continue, we aim to contribute to creating culture change.

We want to prompt individuals, community groups and organisations to question these everyday practices that support men’s violence against women.  Make the Link seeks to create lasting change by breaking down rigid gender stereotypes and harmful social norms, attitudes and behaviours.  We are working to contribute to a more gender equal and equitable society and prevent men’s violence against women.

Watch Digital Poster presentation for the World Congress on Public Health Conference April 2017 (5 mins).

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Make the Link postersIceberg

The  Make the Link posters were developed as part of this campaign, offer a simple visual way to understand and break down the issues that underpin the foundation of men’s violence against women. The posters help people to see the broad contributing factors and understand the damage they do. For example, when the broader community understand and see that sexist jokes and language are contributing factors to and understand the link with men’s violence against women.

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