Understand Family Violence

Family violence is

  • behaviour that is repeated, controlling, threatening and manipulative.
  • occurs between people who have had or are having an intimate relationship or in a family situation.
  • is used by the perpetrator to have power and control over the victim.

Family Violence has no age boundaries.
Family violence is a crime and is unacceptable.
It is not the fault of the victim.
The perpetrator chooses to behave in this manner.

'Violence against women is only the tip of the iceberg, underneath that exists discrimination of all kinds' K Roy MASVAW member

Make the Link Iceberg Poster (pdf)

The causes of men’s violence against women are identified as:

  • Gender inequality and unequal power or resources and that their voices, ideas and work are not valued in the same way.
  • Rigid adherence to gender roles – for example, the idea that women and men should act in certain ways or are better at certain things based on their sex.
  • Attitudes, norms, behaviours and practices that support violence – for example, the idea that violent acts are ok in certain circumstances, the idea that some violent acts are not serious and that violence is a normal way of resolving conflict.                                   VicHealth, 2007 and WHO as cited in Walden, 2014

Learn more about the dynamics of family violence here.

Understand the impact of Men’s Violence Against Women

One woman dies at the hands of a current or former partner almost every week in Australia.1 Some research suggests this rate is much higher.

One woman in three has experienced physical violence, since the age of 15.2 

We have developed three images to help you ‘Make the Link’. The Iceberg, the Pyramid and the Eyetest.

Make the Link Pyramid image showing the foundations of men's violence against women

Make the Link Pyramid Poster (pdf)

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Understand why violence against women is a men’s issue

Men are the overwhelming perpetrators of violence against women and it is time men were involved in ending and preventing it. Watch Jackson Katz, founder of Mentors in Violence Prevention explain.

‘Violence against Women – it’s a men’s issue: Jackson Katz

Katz acknowledges the strong leadership that women have shown for decades in raising the issues of violence against women – but he calls for a paradigm shifting perspective on issues of gender violence that see it as a women’s issue only. Katz believes that violence against women is a men’s issue. And that men need to own it, challenge it, interrupt it and stand with women to change it.

Katz challenges the notion that it’s enough that some good men – ‘help out’ – with the issues of gender- based violence and argues that we need more men who have the strength and courage to stand up and say “this is not ok”.

Make the Link Eyetest image. Make the Link Eyetest Poster (pdf)