MATE logoMATE (formerly Mentors in Violence Prevention) is a Griffith University leadership program focused on preventing all forms of violence against women. It empowers participants to be active bystanders with practical tools to interrupt violence and challenge sexist behaviour.

Using a wide range of strategies to create change, this program is relevant to everyone – from teachers to students, from workplace organisations to community groups.

Learn about:

  • The importance of leaders in violence prevention.
  • Bystander approach and intervention framework to prevent gender based violence.
  • Gender inequality and why gender equality is vital to the prevention of men’s violence against women.

Outcome/Goal: Motivate and empower participants to be proactive bystanders to end gender based violence.

The MATE program is currently offered to any group/s in Gippsland without cost.  It could be anything from a two hour active bystander session to a whole day information session.  Previous training has been in many different settings, from lunchbox sessions at a team meetings, to a full day of learning and development.  Discuss your options with us today.

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