Growing strong resilient women

Trigger warning: child sexual abuse, family violence. My name is Tracey, I am 46, and I live with a disability, and I am a survivor of family violence and childhood sexual abuse. I grew up in a family with strong values and personal beliefs but my ability to cement these belief systems in myself was… Read More

Survivor Validation by speaking up and insisting on change.

Trigger warning: Rape On a summer’s night out with friends, strangers chose to take my life in their hands. My drink was spiked and I was drugged and raped by men I did not know. This one night of trauma has a lifetime of effect. Drug facilitated sexual assault is a terrible crime. It’s about… Read More

It’s OK to be gay

Gender equality is important to me because I believe everyone has the right to be happy. I am gay myself and I believe strongly in equality, especially when it comes to same sex marriage. I believe everyone has the right to speak up and express their views and I would like to inspire other LGBTIQ… Read More

Equity equals team strength

Gender equality for me has been a journey throughout my life. As a young girl growing up with two older brothers, I was always in the thick of things. Fishing, riding bikes, building things with my dad and always being referred to as a ‘tom-boy’. It was when I was around 8 years old that… Read More

Diverse voices are valued

Gender equality will be reflected in a world where diverse voices are not only heard but equally valued. This can be done through new forms of media, particularly through the internet. Women’s voices, especially those from marginalised groups, have traditionally been given less media air time and are often confined to very specific topics. Living… Read More

We selected on merit not gender

Tennis as a sport is fortunate, as from its earliest days it has been played equally by both men and women. The Australian Open has had both a men’s and a women’s singles since 1922 and is unique in that prizemoney is equal for both. Significantly, it also includes a mixed doubles format where men… Read More