What people around you are doing. Be Inspired…also


A couple of times on my way to pick up the mail I had to pass a car parked in the local car park in my town. I noticed a sticker in the rear windscreen depicting violence against women as a good thing. After a couple of times seeing it I took a couple of brochures… Read More


My local pool plays music videos on televisions throughout the complex showing women as sexual objects. I spoke to the manager and told them it was inappropriate and was sending the wrong messages.  Then after hearing about the CHIPS test I saw a photo in a family café of a woman’s legs in high heels… Read More


A guy in the pub groped my bum, then as I turned I saw him grope another woman, I told him that what he was doing was not okay, it was sexual assault. I told his friends to take him home or I would have the bouncers call the police.


I let my local cafe know that having ‘no wifebeaters‘ (apparently slang for singlets) on their list of appropriate dress was completely not okay!  This is trivialising violence against women and perpetuating an environment that allows violence to continue.


When my housemate came home very drunk with a guy in tow, I made sure he knew he was not going to be sleeping in her bed  or be crossing any lines when she wasn’t able to give consent. Want more ideas on how to intervene/support your friends watch this clip by Who Are You… Read More


I speak up now when I see inappropriate behaviour from my family and friends.  I have realised that it is Ok to speak up and others may actually be thinking the same.


I am working to make my home life more gender neutral. We are then good role models for our children.


I challenge views, in public and in private, when in ‘blokey’ situations.